Benjamin Brown Sr.

In Memory of Benjamin Brown Sr. lost to Agent Orange in 2003.

In Memory of Benjamin Steve Brown Sr. lost to Agent Orange in 2003.

In honor of my father Benjamin Steve Brown Sr. (7/4/43-5/23/03)

My father retired as Chief Petty Officer, after serving 25 years in the United States Navy.

Benjamin lost his battle to lung cancer May 23, 2003. The cancer was an caused from the chemical Agent Orange.

His youngest brother Jimmy Brown, also suffered the effects of this horrible chemical, about a year or two before my father. He was not in his 50’s yet.

I will always miss you poppie, and uncle jimmy. Your lives were far to short. there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you or wish you here with us still.

Till we meet again, in my heart you will stay….I LOVE YOU POPPIE!!!!

Leah Brown-Kesler — with Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial.