James Mulhern

In Memory of MSgt (Ret.) James H. Mulhern lost to Agent Orange 2012.

In Memory of MSgt (Ret.) James H. Mulhern lost to Agent Orange 2012.

I knew my husband since I was 6 years old (54 years) and were married over 43 years when he passed away. I am happy to share information with you about Jim.

MSgt (Ret.) James H. Mulhern died May 29, 2012 of an infection and contributing factors from Agent Orange diagnoses.

He was in the Army from 1963-1983. He served in Vietnam from July 1967 through August 1968 in Lai Khe in the 1st Infantry Division as a chaplain’s assistant. Jim was awarded 2 Bronze Stars and a V for Valor and 5 Army Commendation medals.

I just recently re-read all the letters I received from Jim that year he was in Vietnam with my 17 year old granddaughter. I had not read them in 48 years. My granddaughter was doing a report on that period of time in our country’s history and wanted information.

Jim saw a lot of the torture and death as well as the fighting. His last 20 years were filled with PTSD, pain and illnesses from Agent Orange.

It took a long time for the government to acknowledge what had happen.

His letters talked of the fighting, the losses and the wish to come home.

His loving wife,

Idell Gimemez Mulhern