Kenneth Holder

In Memory of Kenneth M. Holder lost to Agent Orange in

In Memory of Kenneth M. Holder lost to Agent Orange 2013.

Kenneth M. Holder enlisted in the United States Air Force from Marshall, Texas in 1963.

He completed basic training at Lackland AFB Tx. before entering Weapons Mechanic training at Lowry AFB Co.

After completion of courses Ken received his base assignment at Perrin AFB Tx.

While stationed at Perrin he completed Armament and Electrical training to support lines in remote areas.

Ken served most of his tour in Thailand except for an 85 day mission into South Vietnam in 1967.

Within 10 years after leaving the service Ken’s health began a slow spiral downward with acute peripheral nerve damage and Type II Diabetes.

In 1991 at the age of 48 he suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease which forced him to retire early.

Kenneth passed away April 26, 2013 from service related Agent Orange exposure.

In spite of years of declining health my husband worked hard as long as he could to provide for his family.

Ken was a loving husband, father and grandfather.

We miss you.

Suzanne Holder