Glenn Sommers

In Memory of Glenn Sommers lost to Agent Orange in 2013.

In Memory of Glenn Sommers lost to Agent Orange 2013.

I would like to Remember Glenn Sommers it has been 6 months since he died from Agent Orange in Army 67-70 Vietnam 69-70.

Steve Sommers

Glenn (Chuck) Sommers, my best friend and battle buddy we entered the Army together on the buddy plan. We thought once we survived combat and came home to our loved ones we had survived the war. Little did we know that death came home with us in the form of Agent Orange and the fight had just begun.

My buddy was taken far to young by the enemy Agent Orange and I am still locked in mortal combat with it. Just yesterday I learned thought I am better for the moment that one day I to will loss my battle with this insidious killer.

I miss you Chuck but brothers in combat can never be separated. Love you buddy and thank you my comrade in arms for your faithful service and ultimate sacrifice for God and Country.

To Ann and family my heart hurts for you on this day of sorry. May no soldiers ever again be so betrayed by their country and hated by their own people like the warriors of Vietnam.

My brother you were true to our commitment and our oath to the Army, Duty, Honor and Country I will never forget your sacrifice for freedom Rest in peace my friend unit we meet again in the land of no more war and pain.

Gilbert Ross Maroney