Rick Burns

In Memory of Rick Burns lost to Agent Orange in 2012.

In Memory of Rick Burns lost to Agent Orange in 2012.

Rick Burns, lost his battle to Agent Orange January 2012. Served in Vietnam 68-69; March 25,1949 ~ January 18,2012

My dad’s birthday is in the beginning of March. Sadly, I won’t get to hug him and wish him a great birthday. There will be no silly birthday hats for him to wear. No candles to blow out. My dad, the greatest dad who ever lived, is celebrating his birthday in Heaven.

I absolutely adore this man. I miss him every single day. I think about him several times throughout the day even though it has been many years since he went on to Heaven. He was wonderful and I was very blessed as a child. I had the dad everyone dreams about.

I hope they have the best birthday celebrations in Heaven. I am sure they do. After all, who deserves a better birthday than our favorite angels? And where better to have the most wonderful birthday ever than in Heaven?

For those of you missing someone on their birthday, I understand. I may not have walked in your shoes, but I understand the hurt. Just remember, you are doing the most wonderful thing you can do by remembering! We love you and miss you Dad!!
Tiffany Roberts — with Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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