Tommy Reynolds

In Memory of Tommy Joe Reynolds lost to Agent Orange in 2012.

In Memory of Tommy Joe Reynolds Lost to Agent Orange in 2012.

Today – I honor and remember my Dad…who passed from AO related lung cancer. A man who always tried to do right by me. Who always taught me right from wrong. Who became the father he never had.

Thanksgiving 2011 at dinner he told me I was where he wanted me to be and that was being a Mom and teaching his grandson all the things he taught me. I struggled with not being with my Dad on a day to day basis and living so far away. But still even when he knew he was dying he still tried to make it easy for me.

God blessed me with a great man and I was blessed to have called him my Dad. Even though he had his moments and bouts with PTSD overall he was truly a good man.

May he always and forever rest in peace.

Tommy Joe Reynolds 11.23.46-2.23.12

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