Doug Haro

In Memory of Doug Haro lost to Agent Orange in 2015.

In Memory of Doug Haro lost to Agent Orange 2015.

Doug Haro was in the Army 1st Air Calvary Division. He was in Vietnam July 1968-July 1969 where he was exposed to Agent Orange.

Doug came home to be a police officer on the crime ridden streets of Stockton, Ca. He served his community for 30 years all the while battling PTSD that he kept inside. The ugly head of PTSD raised itself from time to time but he was able to subdue it for the most part.

When he retired, he and my mom moved to Mountain Home Ak. In January 2013 he noticed discomfort in his right ankle. The local VA said it was a hematoma. The ankle kept getting worse. In May of 2013 my dad came to visit me in Ca. He went to the VA hospital at Mather Air Force base and the doctor wanted to admit him.

He flew home and was admitted to the hospital in Little Rock, Ak. The doctors said my dad had undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma. He was already at stage 4. Doug’s leg had to be amputated.

My dad lost his battle with cancer February 28, 2015.

Doug Haro was a man of faith and he never once complained about his situation. He witnessed to people and changed so many people lives through his love of Christ.

If I had the means and know how I would write a book about my dad’s life and all the people he helped along the way.

Brannon Haro