Patrick Francis

In Memory of Patrick William Francis lost to Agent Orange in 2015.

In Memory of Patrick William Francis lost to Agent Orange 2015.

Patrick was in the United States Army in the 23rd S&T Americal.

He drove supplies to the troops and sprayed Agent Orange by LZ
He was in Vietnam 1968-1970.

Patrick passed away February 18, 2015 from exposure to Agent Orange.

My husband, Patrick , came home and started having issues readjusting to life, he had PTSD and it wasn’t easy on him. We got married September 26, 2009. My wonderful husband picked the date.

Patrick was married before. His first wife, Susan, passed away in 1996. We found each other in 2000 at the American Legion post. He taught me that your word was your bond and if you break it, you can’t be trusted.

Patrick didn’t want children because of his exposure to Agent Orange. He was a wonderful dad to my children and an awesome loving to our granddaughter Hayden.

What I want the world to know about my husband, Patrick William Francis, is he was the most loving and caring man that I and everyone had known, a beautiful gentle soul with pure love in his heart for all.

I will continued to help all our veterans because that’s what I was taught by my unselfish husband. I want my husband to be honored, he served his country and didn’t run when he got drafted.

Patrick, rest in peace and take care of our daughter, Jennifer Marie Mickiewic, who passed away 12 weeks after you on May 28, 2015.

Blessing and love to each and everyone of you.

Valerie Herold Francis