Bradley Sutter

In Memory of 1st Lt Bradley J. Sutter lost to Agent Orange 2010.

In Memory of 1st Lt Bradley J. Sutter lost to Agent Orange 2010.

Brad served from August 1965 till Feburary 1969. He was a 1st Lt X.O./Connander B-36 Mobile Strike Force, 5th Special Forces Group Airborne, Long Hai-Ill Corps- Republic of Vietnam. 1968-1969.

He was awarded a Purple Heart, but I don’t know when because he did not talk about Vietnam.

Brad suffered from bone cancer in the leg where he was shot. In 2001 he was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a potato inside his heart. Open heart surgery was successful. Late in September 2009 Brad was diagnosed with state 4 lung cancer and died 6 months later.  Brad passed away March 15, 2010. “Beware of the Ides of March.”

Brad is buried at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill.

Brad has a daughter from his first marriage and we have 4 sons. Son #2 is currently an Army medic stationed at Fort Lewis, Wa. Son #3 is in the Army Reserves and just got back from AIT at Fort Bragg, NC. It seems his sons are truly following in his foot steps.

Brad was a loving husband and a great father. Our sons were (and still are) in Cub and Boy Scouts. Brad was their leader and active member of their Scout group. Son #3 became an Eagle Scout to honor a promise he made to his dad. Our youngest son is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

Carol Sutter