Dean Knight

In Memory of Lt. Col. Dean Arthur Knight lost to Agent Orange.

In Memory Lt. Col. Dean Arthur Knight lost to Agent Orange

This is my Father the late Lt Col Dean Arthur Knight he joined the service in 1942 and became a pilot.  When they were ready to ship him off to War they discovered he was not even 18.  So they made him a trainer.

He was proud to serve his country even was awarded the medal of Valor 7 times and the Bronze Star.  He retired from the AF in 1976 with his 33 yrs behind him he trusted that the pain and hard times of serving was behind him.

My Father was then to discover he had throat cancer and after 7 surgeries, some experimental, he became a neck breather. that was 1980.  13yrs later he lost his life.

At first they tried to make it say i it was from being over weight. I fought it to protect my mothers benefits and finally it reads death from Agent Orange associated issues!

My father was a proud man and to know that he would be heart broken to see that because he was exposed and his family also exposed while on Guam in the late 60’s and that we his family are now suffering. 

One son has already died and another one suffering to remain alive.  His wife died of Bladder cancer, a cancer related to AO. 

These men and women are our heros our leaders and we have denied them everything including Life!

Deborah Kay Knight