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In Memory of Richard McKechan lost to Agent Orange in 2008.

In Memory of Richard McKechan lost to Agent Orange in 2008.

This is my father-in-law, Richard McKechan. He lost his battle on January 10, 2008.

These are his own words on how he felt about the whole situation.

As a result of contact with Agent Orange, I have contracted Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Coronary Artery Disease & Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve damage) in 3 limbs (VA denied the 4th limb). Combined for an 80% disability compensation granted by the Department of Veteran Affairs because the ailments were finally found to be service connected, due to the United States Military’s use of Agent Orange in the Republic of Vietnam.

God only knows what else that stuff is doing to me now as I write. I’ll no doubt find out when the next ailment creeps up and attacks me. They sprayed the herbicide on and around every fire base that my artillery battery was on, personnel included. Helicopters would fly over, soak us and everything else with the chemical. The insects would swarm so bad, that you could hardly see.

Even then I wondered what that stuff was doing to us, if it was irritating the bugs that bad. The ailments it has caused in me have radically changed my life. It still amazes me that after all the near misses and close calls, that my own government did more damage to me than the enemy did.

That, I think is what really pisses me off the most!
Harker McKechan and his widow; Sharon McKechan. — with Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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