Timothy McConnell

In Memory of Timothy P. McConnell lost to Agent Orange.

In Memory of Timothy P. McConnell lost to Agent Orange.

Today is my fathers what would have been 64th birthday (posted April 25,2013). He died almost 25 years ago from Agent Orange and a little bit of me died as well. My heart aches on this day every year because he is not here in person.

My father was a man that did what he thought he should be doing supporting & defending his country. He was repaid by losing his life to Agent orange. Not only did he die he never met one of his daughters who was in the womb when he passed. He also would not be able to be by my mothers side when she was born and then a year and half down the road when that baby was diagnosed with cancer. That baby is my sister who is now cancer free. I’m thankful to have her in my life every day. I cry often because she never met our father and that should not have been taken away from her.

A lot has happened over the years but my broken heart has not healed and my resentment towards the people who killed my father may never go away. I just got married to the love of my life who I have been with for 14 years and I did not get to have my father there and I was angry. no father -daughter dance, no asking the brides father to help pay, no asking my fathers permission to marry his daughter, just heartache!

He did not choose to have his life end so early. He did not chose to leave all of those who loved him in heart ache. He did not chose not to live. He chose to defend our country as a young proud man and for that he died. He is a hero, he is a father, he is a veteran, he is a husband, he is my father & I miss him every day! Kelly McConnell — with Agent Orange Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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